Posted on July 08 2015

While there are still so many fun summer memories to be made, with school starting in less than two months, it's a great time right now to start preparing and gathering some of those back to school necessities!

If you have a precious little one attending preschool this Fall, one thing is for sure, they will need a Nap Mat to rest their sweet little heads on during the scheduled rest time at school!

And Gingersnaps Kids has the perfect selection for you to choose from!  You can even have your little one's name monogrammed on the outside pocket, pillow, or anywhere on the mat!  The mats are padded and lined with nylon and cotton, with a ribbon-trimmed, soft, fleecy blanket.  They are easy to roll up and can even be carried by your toddling toddler!


Nap time can be tricky for toddlers, especially at preschool, when it might be their first time trying to take a nap away from home.  

Here are some ways that us parents can help our little ones transition with these 'away from home' naps:

          -Select a comfortable Nap Mat.  We love the ones with the attached pillows and blankets, just like the ones we sell here at Gingersnaps Kids.  

         - Choose a Nap Mat that is a favorite, or preferred, color for your little one, so that they can have something to be excited about when they see their nap mat.  

         - Send a favorite Stuffed animal or lovey that your little one is already accustomed to sleeping with during nap time at home.  Or pick out a brand new, special lovey just for that school year's nap time! Gingersnaps Kids carries some of the cutest brands of stuffed animals around : Jellycat, Gund, and Bearington are a few that they are sure to love! 



So come on by our store today, or go to our website to find the perfect Nap Time necessities, to help make sure your little one's nap time is a success!




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