Posted on August 14 2015

The Summer is coming to an end, and we have made so many precious memories with our children and grandchildren!  And if you are like me, or anyone in our family, you have captured many of those beautiful moments with your camera and your cell phone camera!

I am so thankful and absolutely love that we live in a digital age, where it is extremely convenient to take numerous pictures! That being said, there is such a lost art of beholding the tangible.  There is something so special these days when you actually print your pictures in some form, or another.  

Life is busy, and sometimes it just seems impossible to find the time to actually make this happen.  But with so many great companies out there that will help you create these beautiful keepsakes, I can promise the extra time spent, will not be time wasted, as you and your loved ones are able to cherish these moments and memories for years to come! 

There are so many wonderful companies that have great photography services and products, so don't shy away from the ones you love and that work well for you, but I definitely have to give  Artifact Uprising and Mpix the spotlight! 

Both Artifact Uprising and Mpix have a timelessness to their products, and the quality of their products does not disappoint!  Paper and texture is always something that helps achieve this, and their papers are always so rich and beautiful, creating the perfect canvas for your photos!

Here is a look at some of the beautiful 5 x 5 square photo books that Artifact Uprising sells.  I made and ordered two of these books to capture all of our family's favorite summertime memories!  We love these little square books and our kids love to look through them too! And do you want to know the best part?!  It was all done from my cell phone (edited, created, and ordered)!  

And for all of you avid Instagram users, don't forget you can transfer all of your great Instagram pics to photo books as well! Most of the photo companies these days have square photo books, like the ones above, or even photo books designed specifically for your Instagram pics! I would have to say the easiest, most convenient one that I have found, specifically for Instagram is Chatbooks

With Chatbooks, you sign up and your books are automatically created for you and shipped directly to your house! You get 60 pages for $6, AND your books are automatically created for you! Now that is a pretty good deal! And easy too! 

 There are so many wonderful companies and products out there for your photos, you really can't go wrong these days! Just remember to take some time out to transfer your pics from your cameras and phones, and create something tangible and beautiful that everyone can enjoy!



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