Pre Order Policies

Pre-orders are advance purchases that are made on merchandise that is not currently in stock but that is expected to ship at a later date in the season.

Here’s how pre-orders work

If you would like to pre-order merchandise and have the merchandise reserved for you:

  1. Shop, add pre-order items to your cart and go through the normal checkout process at Gingersnaps Kids or call or e-mail us with your preorder list and we will take a deposit over the phone on the items you wish to preorder.  
  2. During checkout you can choose to pay in FULL or to pay a deposit (either 25% or 50% of the retail value). 
  3. Upon receipt of your pre-order, we will reserve the merchandise for you by removing it from our expected stock.
  4. Once the merchandise arrives in our store, we will immediately ship it to you if you have already paid in full, or we will notify you via phone or email and charge you for the remaining balance owed.
  5. Upon receipt of your final payment, we will then ship your pre-order(s) to you free of shipping charges**.
  6. **Free Shipping applies only to shipments sent within the US. Shipping rates will apply to international pre-orders and will be charged as part of the final pre-order payment. We will notify you via email regarding the international shipping rate you will be charged.

Pre-Order Cancellations, Store Credits, and Refunds

Please note that if you cancel a pre-order, your pre-order deposit (typically 25 or 50% of the cost of the pre-order merchandise) will become a store credit that you may use toward a future purchase at Gingersnaps Kids. Any amount paid towards a pre-order is eligible for a store credit only. Unfortunately, there are times when the manufacturer cannot fulfill our complete order. If this is the case, you will be notified via email or phone and a store credit will be issued to you once we hear back from you. This includes times when the manufacturer decides not to produce a certain style or does not ship us that style for any reason.

We will always do our best to exchange sizes for you when the size you ordered doesn't work and if your size is unavailable, a store credit will be issued.

Shipping of Pre-Orders

For orders placed with multiple collections arriving on different delivery dates, we will ship the first shipment FREE of charge! Any additional shipments required will be charged at the normal shipping rates.

If current, in-stock items are purchased at the same time as preorders, we will normally wait to ship all items together as long as the preorder item(s) is expected to arrive within a reasonable amount of time.  If you want the in-stock items to ship immediately, you should place them in a separate order.  Our Free Shipping policy applies to single orders, and is not intended to provide multiple shipments of items in a single order.  In cases where multiple shipments of a single order are requested, those orders may be subject to additional shipping charges.
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