SNAPS Rewards Program

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The Gingersnaps Kids "Snaps" Reward Program is our way of saying "Thank you!" to you, our loyal customers.  You are automatically enrolled in this money saving program when you become a registered user on  Here are ways to start earning points and start saving $$$!

Buy Great Products!

Earn "SNAPS" (aka points) every time you shop!  Applies to orders placed online only at this time.
  • Sign up for an account and automatically receive 200 Snaps 
  • Registered customers receive 1 Snap for each dollar spent at Gingersnaps Kids online
  • Refer a Friend is the quickest way to earn Snaps.  Send your friend a 10% off coupon and after their 1st purchase, you will receive 500 Snaps!   
250 Snaps equals a $5 discount on your next order 
500 Snaps equals a $10 discount on your next order
1250 Snaps equals a $25 discount on your next order


How do I view my accumulated points?

To view your current point balance, login to your account and click on the Rewards Program tab on the right of the screen (or bottom of the screen on a mobile device). Your points history will pop up in a separate window!

How do I refer a friend? 

To refer a friend, click on the Rewards Program tab on the right of the screen (or bottom of the screen on a mobile device).  Click on the referrals tab and then you will see a personalized link for a 10% off coupon code to share with them. You can send this out via facebook, twitter or email.  You can also cut and paste this code to share with friends!  As soon as your friend places their online order with us, you will see 500 snaps credited to your rewards program account.  This reward is valid for one time per friend. 

Do I have to become a Registered User to take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program?

Yes. We know many people have concerns about sharing information with online companies and understand your desire to keep personal information just that, personal. However, our system can only track, assign, and apply points for users who are registered. Rest assured, however, that we do not sell, rent or distribute customer information to any third party.

I returned an item. Will points be deducted from my account?

Yes. The points earned for the purchase of an item are deducted if the product is returned.

Are Loyalty Reward Points refundable?

Once used, spent or applied to an order, Loyalty Reward Points cannot be "refunded" back to a user's account for any reason.

How do I redeem points I've earned?

Redeeming points is easy! Click on the Rewards Program tab. Once you have earned enough points for a discount, it will say REDEEM on the reward amount.  Just click on the that button and a coupon code will appear that you can use now or at a future date.  The coupon code will also be emailed to you.  

Can I use my points right away?

Points earned can be used on your next order. 

What if I lose my coupon code for my reward?

Contact us and we can give you the coupon code for your reward. 

More questions?

Do you have any other questions about our Loyalty Points Program that weren't answered here? No problem, just email us at or call us 1-888-475-4370 or local 512-716-0800 Monday through Friday, 10am - 6pm. 

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